Theater Arts

Starts from:Fri, December 9, 2022
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Theater Arts

Elective: Grades 9-­12

In Theatre Arts I, students focus on mastering basic drama skills which are universally applicable. Through participation in drama exercises, improvisation and theatre games, students train in concentration, and develop the vocal, physical, and mental skills necessary to act in and to produce plays. The technical aspects of video production, including shooting, story boarding, and editing, will also be emphasized. Students may audition for the school play or musical as an outside extension of their studies in Theatre Arts I but students focus on the development of skills and the study of drama which includes a survey of theatre history.

In Theatre Arts II students continue to perfect those drama skills introduced in Theatre Arts I, but assignments are of longer duration and greater sophistication. Students delve more deeply into the areas explored in Theatre Arts I and are involved in producing performances for the public. All areas of theater arts are explored, including live performance, performance for film, video production, and production/set/costume design. Students are given the opportunity to choose an area of focus each semester. Writing and in ­class presentations are an integral part of the course, providing students with the chance to reflect on their work. Students are required to participate in the spring play, an in ­class production with minimal after­school time required.