Math Studies

Starts from:Fri, December 9, 2022
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Math Studies

Elective: for Grade 10-12

Math Studies offers students opportunities to learn important concepts and techniques and to gain an understanding of a wide variety of mathematical topics. Emphasis is placed on developing students’ mathematical reasoning, enhancing critical thinking, solving mathematical problems embedded in a wide range of contexts, and using the calculator effectively. Each student will complete a project based on their own research, supervised by the teacher, and using the knowledge and skills acquired in the course.

Topics covered in this course include:
Topic 1 Numbers and Algebra
Topic 2 Descriptive Statistics
Topic 3 Logic, sets and probability
Topic 4 Statistical applications
Topic 5 Geometry and trigonometry
Topic 6 Mathematical models
Topic 7 Introduction to Differential Calculus
Project: The project is an individual piece of work involving the collection of information or the generation of measurements, and the analysis and evaluation of the information or measurements.

Students must have a graphing calculator.