Integrated Math III

Starts from:Fri, December 9, 2022
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Integrated Math III

Elective: for Grade 10


Integrated Math III is the final course in the High School Integrated Math series.  With this course, students further explore quadratic functions and extend  learning  to  polynomial  functions.  Students must  have a graphing calculator.

The course will include the following topics:

Algebra:  Indices,  Sets  and  Venn  Diagrams,  Algebraic  Expansion  and

Factorization, Radicals and surds, System of Equations, Exponential functions

and Logarithms, vectors and problem solving.

Geometry: Congruence and Similarity and Pythagoras’ theorem.

Trigonometry: Trigonometric ratios, the area of triangle, the sine rule and the cosine rule.

Statistics: Probability, types of data, box-and-whisker plots.