IGCSE Arabic – Foreign Language

Starts from:Sat, December 10, 2022
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IGCSE Arabic – Foreign Language

Elective: Grade 10-12

Arabic Levels

This is designed for learners who are learning Arabic as a foreign language. … The syllabus also aims to offer insights into the culture and civilization of countries where Arabic is spoken, thus encouraging positive attitudes towards language learning and towards speakers of foreign . SIA provides a syllabus for this curriculum.


Arabic Level I

Students will learn how to ask and answer simple question, make routine requests in the classroom and in public places, read comprehend and respond to words and phrases in a variety of situations. Also they can exchange descriptions of people through oral descriptions. They will be able to read and write words and understand simple sentences. Students will be able to express feelings, and exchange simple opinions.

Arabic Level II

At each level, students have the opportunity to develop their communicative skills in a cultural context. They acquire and expand their knowledge of the language by engaging in guided conversations in settings such as the café, the home, and the school; by reading authentic materials such as menus, schedules, and signs; and by writing notes, postcards, and short letters. In order to perform these functions, students learn the appropriate grammatical structures. Varied methods such as group work paired work, and direct instruction are used to help all students develop communicative proficiency.

Arabic Level III

Students can participate in brief guided conversation related to needs , interests, likes , and dislikes. They can introduce themselves to others, identify ideas and topics from simple texts, and give short oral presentations. Students can exchange oral and written information with others who use the Arabic language.