English SAT Preparation

Starts from:Fri, December 9, 2022
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SAT Preparation

Elective: for Grades 10-12

SAT Prep is a course that aims to prepare students for SAT exam with an end-goal of enrolling our students in the most selected American and International colleges around. To this end, this course focuses on SAT tips, tactics, and strategies that enable students to boost their SAT scores. Throughout this course, Saturdays are utilized for the Diagnostic Test and more full practice exams under exam conditions similar to the actual SAT exam conditions. Students will start with SAT Preparation course in the first term. Following this preparation course, students are expected to sit for the SAT examination in November. A variety of SAT and other test preparation tools and publications will be provided to students in the form of a student pack. The contents will include: Barron’s Leaders in SAT Preparation and e-books.