Starts from:Fri, December 9, 2022
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Elective: for Grades 10-12

Economics is the study of how individuals and nations make decisions about the use of resources in an effort to satisfy their wants and needs. Students in Economics discover how fundamental economic concepts directly relate to individuals, their community, the world, and the interrelated nature of the three through the use of simulations, projects, and other assignments. Additionally, students will conduct investigations to learn how the physical and human geography of a region can impact economic realities. Studied in historic context are the basic economic principles of micro-and macro-economics, international economics, comparative economic systems, measurement, and method.

Economics is the theory of choice. The course focuses on how the decisions made by consumers, business and government impacts everyday life. Micro and macro- economics are taught, with theoretical and practical implications stressed. Economic principles, concepts, theories and laws are incorporated into the curriculum. Practical items such as the banking system, recession and inflation, the tax system, business models, the stock market and fiscal policy from the US Government and Federal Reserve are covered. Current topical issues are included for relevance and understanding.