Business Mathematics course

Starts from:Fri, December 9, 2022
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Business Mathematics course

Elective: for Grade 10-12

This course is constructed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to

solve arithmetic problems commonly found in real life business situations.

Algebraic concepts, such as system of equations, quadratic equations, ratios,

and  growth  &  decay are applied to the business model. The student is

introduced to central tendency and standard deviation and how it applies in the

business world. In semester 2 accounts and finance is covered. This includes,

but not limited to, sources of finance, investment appraisal, working capital,

balance  sheets,  and  ratio  analysis.  After  completion  of  the  Business

Mathematics course the student should have developed the skills necessary to

solve complex mathematical problems within a business context.

Students must have a graphing calculator.