AP Studio Art

Starts from:Fri, December 9, 2022
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AP Studio Art

Elective: for Grades 10-12

Summit International Academy is one of eight schools in the Kingdom which is approved to teach this AP subjects. Students will compile a portfolio of work that will be submitted to the College Board to be scored.  This portfolio allows the student to develop a well-rounded mastery of skills in concept, composition, and execution, from classroom assignments and independent work.  Students will need to work outside the classroom, as well as in it, and beyond scheduled periods. Students should be responsible enough to leave the art room or school if an assignment requires them to do so, and homework, such as maintaining a sketchbook or a journal, is a necessary component of instruction. Students will be expected to participate in critiques of their work, the work of their classmates and other master artists. The critiques will be both oral and written and appropriate art vocabulary will be used.   Group and individual critiques enable students to learn to analyze their own work and their peers’ work. Ongoing critical analysis, through individual critiques, enables both the students and the teacher to assess the strengths and weaknesses in the work. Also, students will meet individually with the teacher to discuss the progress of their work. The student will maintain a sketchbook/ journal to record ideas for projects and to work out solutions to problems encountered.


AP Portfolio: Because a portfolio submission of 24—30 works is needed, each student will need to complete 12 artworks each quarter, or roughly one to two works per week. While students may submit work created outside of this course, students should work steadily to create this amount of quality work.  It will allow them to be selective about what they put into their portfolios.  Submission of a portfolio in May is mandatory to receive AP credit.

The 3 major sections of the AP Studio Art Portfolio are:

Quality: Comprised of works that excel in concept, composition, and execution may come from the Breadth or Concentration sections.  Actual artwork is submitted and the size restrictions are no larger than 18 X 24 inches.

Breadth: Works that demonstrate a variety of concepts, media, and approaches to drawing/2D design issues.  Twelve images are submitted- one for each piece of artwork.