AP Micreconomics

Starts from:Fri, December 9, 2022
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AP Micreconomics

Elective: for Grades 10-12

AP Microeconomics is a rigorous course that provides students with thorough knowledge of economic principles so that they can apply them to consumer and producer decision making in different economic systems. Students will have a clear understanding of the nature and function of product markets, theories of consumer choice, firm’s behavior and market structures, factor markets, and the role of government in preventing market failure. This challenging course elevates problem solving and critical thinking skills to a more sophisticated level; this will be manifested through timed-essays, persuasive research paper of some length, commentaries and complex multiple choice questions. The course will also emphasize the independent reading of various up-to-date economic articles followed by AP test practices, daily assignments, class discussions and an individual oral presentation based on research.



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